David L George


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Assessment of a landslide tsunami threat in Alaska

modeling a hypothetical landslide, wave generation, and resulting tsunami with D-Claw

Assessment of the wave generating potential of a large landslide failure in the Barry Arm of Harriman Fjord, Prince William Sound, Alaksa.

Cascading flow hazards

modeling landslides, waves, breach erosion, and flows with D-Claw

Hypothetical case study - South Sister Volcano and moraine-dammed Carver Lake, Oregon.

Landslide tsunamis

modeling landslides, wave generation, and tsunamis with D-Claw

Case study - the 2015 Tyndall Glacier (Alaska) landslide and tsunami.

The 2014 Oso, WA disaster

modeling alternative scenarios and mobility with D-Claw

Computations of the 2014 Oso, WA disaster reveal mobility bifurcations related to initial and critical porosities.


software for simulating granular-fluid flows

D-Claw is an open-source numerical software package for simulating granular-fluid flows, such as landslides, debris flows, and lahars.


software for simulating shallow-water flows

GeoClaw is an open-source numerical software package for water-wave propagation and inundation (tsunamis, storm surges, overland flooding).